24 February, 2013

Bangladesh Open University

A Public University for Distance Learning

 Bangladesh Open University is the 2nd largest university in Bangladesh and 7th largest university in the world in terms of students’ enrollment. More than 650,000 students enrolled here. This is the only university of Bangladesh that offer distance learning.

The university established at 1992 under ‘Bangladesh Open University Act 1992’. This is a specialized Public University. The main campus of the university is in Gazipur. There are 12 Regional Resource Centers (RRC), 80 Coordinating Office (CO) and 1106 Study Centers (TC) under BOU. Almost every Study Centers are colleges under National University.

Bangladesh Open University also offers SSC and HSC. This is probably the most flexible institution for higher study in Bangladesh. The requirement of enrolled for undergraduate degree is only Higher Secondary degree. There is no restriction for irregular or students get low points in HSC.

The higher degree of BOU is not very suitable for nowadays competitive job marketplace. The main advantage of BOU degree is distance learning (students have to attend class on weekend only or not at all). Alongside the cost of studying at BOU is very low. So if you are very busy at work or you are a married woman and find it’s very difficult for you to continue study, it’s better you enrolled at BOU rather stop studying.