18 February, 2013

Bangladesh National University

National University of Bangladesh is 5th largest university in the world and largest university in Bangladesh in terms of students’ enrollment. More than 1600 colleges/institution are affiliated with this university. More than 1 million students enrolled in NU.
The National University was established in 1992. This is a specialized university. The varsity situated at Gazipur. This is an affiliating only university. That’s it, no academic activities at main campus.

National University offers large number of courses ranging from 3 years pass courses to PhD. There are both public and private colleges under NU. Some recognize public colleges are Dhaka College, Titumir College, govt. Bangla College, Govt. City College Chittagong etc. Some recognize public colleges City College, Commerce College, Tejgaon College etc.

Very few students dream university is National University. Session jot, student politics, lower education standard degrades NU. But still 1,000,000 students enrolled here.

The reason of high admission rate of National University of Bangladesh is given below:

1.    Easy to enrolled even in top college with top subject
2.    Extremly low cost in Government colleges.
3.    No matter which area you are staying, there should be several colleges!
4.    Most students enrolled here because of high completion in public universities and high cost in good private universities. 

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